Best Places to Visit in Malaysia

The most popular places to visit in Malaysia are unique – and excellent state infrastructure, known because it reflects an eclectic blend of habits, traditions, and ancient culture with a bit of modernity.

Although Malaysia is consistently ranked as good among the most visited countries in Asia, Malaysia has Long-term budget travelers who often avoid Malaysia as “too expensive.” Meanwhile, short-term tourists in Southeast Asia seem to pass Malaysia due to a lack of time. But Malaysia has many beauty, diversity, and adventure offered, as exhibited by this attractive destination.

  • Kuala Lumpur

You will most likely fly to Kuala Lumpur while traveling to Malaysia, so this is not a brainer. But unlike some other big cities in Asia where tourists arrive and get out of the town as soon as possible, Kuala Lumpur is a valuable destination. A mixture of Malay, Chinese and Indian influences means you will not lack culinary exploitation in the Malaysian capital. Cultural diversity is a large part of the power of Kuala Lumpur. Short walk or jump on a spacious train network and you can see the pleasure of many cultures.

Kuala Lumpur does not have a unique lack of environment to explore. Beautiful scenery like Petronas Tower, Perdana Botanical Park, and Tower KL Tower provides many fun disturbances before you go further in Malaysia.

  • Penang

Malaysians are proud of their big island on the west coast – and they should be! Georgetown’s colonial city was by the UNESCO World Heritage site and had many things to be offered by museums, beach fortresses, historical homes, and the famous street food scenes. Many artists have left their marks in the form of murals along Georgetown roads. Cafes, shops, and things to do can found broken.

Penang is considered one of the best places in Southeast Asia to taste delicious street food of all types. The seafront esplanade is known as Gurney Drive in Penang, coated with kiosks and restaurants to try local Malay, Chinese and Indian equipment.

  • The Perhentian Islands

Backpackers and Budget travelers of the Malaysian stop islands, minimal stops – the smaller both islands – where the sand is fine and excellent snorkeling/diving fill the day before the party starts at night. Big stop – The Big Island – serves more than families, couples, and tourists who are willing to spend more to enjoy the blue water and skip several parties. Regardless of the island you choose, getting to the rental requires taking a speedboat. There are several challenges to arrange stores on the islands.

The islands of the stop are very seasonal. Accommodation can be difficult to find in a short visit in July, the peak month, but the islands are largely empty during the winter months due to rain and storm sea.

  • Malaysian Borneo

The choice to exchange dirty concrete for green rainforests and abundant wildlife is only cheap and fast flights! The Malaysian Kalimantan section is divided into Sarawak in the south and Sabah in the north. Both have different vibrations and charms. The World Music Festival Rainforest held every summer is one of Southeast Asia’s most exciting music and cultural events.

From an endangered orangutan to the rainforest canopy and some of the world’s best dives, Malaysia Borneo must be part of any trip to Malaysia.

  • Malacca

UNESCO even stated Malacca World Heritage Sites in 2008. Visitors are rarely disappointed by the old city in Malacca. The proximity to Kuala Lumpur makes it get there by accessible bus. The train is not an option in Malacca. UNESCO World Heritage Site, Malacca’s capital, is a Rollercoaster trip from visual and sensory pleasure. You can take a relaxing walk through a historical center or a lift in ‘Trishaw’ that is dynamic and unique to soak in the taste of this culturally rich city.

  • Taman Negara

The state park means “national park” in Malay, and yeah, that’s it! The state park is the oldest national park in Malaysia and is considered one of the world’s oldest tropical rainforests. The extended canopy road allows visitors to see a high life in the trees that are usually not visible from the ground.

You can enjoy beautiful waterfalls and trekking, bird spots, rafting, fishing, night safari, and even a chance to see wild elephants – if you are fortunate. Tourists sleep across the river in Kuala resistant and then take a cheap boat to the garden entrance. Some serious guided trekking is available in a state park such as Caving.

  • Cameron Highlands

Highlands Green Cameron Malaysia is one of the few places in Southeast Asia where you will want a jacket or warm blanket at night. After sweating across the tropical climate, you can appreciate climate change. Cameron highlands are beautiful places in Malaysia. You will see many lush sights, a lovely tea plantation tour, and enjoy access to a decent hiking path that weaves through plantations and around the volcano.

Strawberry farm, butterfly garden, and flower greenhouses are pleasant disturbances found on the Cameron plateau. Climate provides suitable conditions to grow fresh vegetables and produce delicious local honey.

  • Tioman Island

Located on the east coast of Malaysia, not too far from Singapore, Tioman Island is a different destination island. Accommodation and dive are very well surprisingly cheap; Development is relatively minimal for the island that is so good—abundant properties and scenery for the lack of islands in the culinary department. 

Tioman carved on various beaches; you have to choose when arriving by boat. Some are remote beaches and surrounded by forests. ABC Beach can say to be the most popular beach, especially for travelers with a limited budget. Moving between beaches by boat is an ordinary choice unless you are ready to hike the forest through the interior.

Tioman Island enjoys the same duty status as Langkawi but doesn’t even consider taking liquor without taxes on the border to Singapore!

  • Langkawi

Langkawi has many tourist attractions, such as the largest indoor aquarium in Malaysia, a hanging car, and the sky bridge that allows its scenery. Unfortunately, the drone ski jet causes the busiest beach to be less calm. Duty-free status means that beer is sometimes almost no more expensive than bottled water!

Flight tickets from Kuala Lumpur to Langkawi are as cheap as the US $ 20! Going to the island is fast and affordable.

  • Selangor

Selangor describes the most advanced and populated Malaysian state that leads to Kuala Lumpur’s Urban Sprawl. You will find the Formula One Racecourse Arena, Malaysian National Zoo, and a large amusement park, including indoor snow parks. Selangor busy and boom; Shopping centers run in various directions. When you can’t shop anymore, you should go to Genting Highlands nearby – the Malaysia version.

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